Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How I became an egg donor

It wasn't until two years after I graduated that I saw another egg donor ad, on craigslist, while looking for an apartment. This time, I had just moved to Chicago for a job. This time, home was much further away, and considerably longer ago. It wasn't that I had a particular urge to pass on my genes, or to help out a childless couple. More than anything, I felt adventurous. I had always taken an interest in medicine, wasn't afraid of medical procedures, and figured that trying this out would be a good way to do something nice for other people while and earning a bit of cash on the side and having an interesting time.

The anonymity of a big city where, at the time, I did not have as much as an acquaintance, helped me muster up the courage necessary to click that "send button" and submit that information form to the donor agency, along with a few pictures. It read something like this:

Age: 24
Education: Ivy League graduate
Height: 5-9
Weight: 135
Medical history: virtually none.
Smoking: never

30 pages of paperwork, an in-person interview, and a personality test later, I was matched with a couple who liked my profile. Between the day I submitted my profile and the moment I learned I had been "matched," less than 10 days had passed.

I didn't expect things to move so fast but thought, let's do it. I was too excited and scared to tell anyone.

Two years and three donations later, I essentially still haven't told anyone.


  1. Hmm your yahoo account didn't work!


    I've been reading your blog because I have just been accepted to start the medical review and interview process for egg donation. Maybe you mention in it your golden goose site, but I was wondering how much you were compensated for your first time. For me, I was planning on going through Shady Grove Fertility Center which pays 6,000 upon completion of the process, in addition to the small pre-injection compensations for initial tests. On top of that I have to pay taxes.

    There are a few other reasons besides money that I'm considering this, but I wanted to know from someone who has done it through multiple agencies what seemed like a good compensation.

    Also, I've read about the donor's symptoms through the process and I know that you had OHSS after the retrieval. Once your body was "healed" persay, did you lose the weight that was gained from bloating? I'm not obsessed with body image, but as a fit person and lifeguard working in a bathing suit, people would notice if I suddenly gained ten pounds and I don't know how I could respond to their, well, responses.

    If you have a minute, I'd love to hear about your post first-donation feelings and if your body got back to its original state. Thanks!


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