Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doing it again...

I started thinking about donating again about a year after my first retrieval. I was bored with the shallowness of corporate life and needed a change of scenery. I decided that donating a second time would be and a nice way to do something that actually makes a difference in someone's life. Something that matters.

So I started to research agencies.  This time around, I was looking for one that would allow me to travel out of state for the retrieval and that was a little more flexible in terms of the compensation. In this process, I found that most of the agencies that let donors set their own fees all in all did not come across as trustworthy establishments and that I really did not like them. I did, however, find one I liked in the end and I have been with them ever since. 

The application process was more rigorous this time. More pictures were required, including pictures of family members (which I categorically refused to provide), along with proof of test scores, transcripts, diplomas, etc. I felt vaguely uncomfortable sending in all this documentation but eventually decided to go along with it.

As with my first donation, I was matched with a couple very quickly - more quickly than I would have thought - about three weeks after I submitted my application. Yay! 

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